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Original Tincture 50mg

Manufactured June, 2021
Here you can view and download the Certificates Of Analysis (COAs) for products associated with this Lot Number. The COAs reflect third-party testing for potency and purity of contaminants.

A Certificate of Analysis is a document from an accredited laboratory that confirms that a regulated product meets certain specifications. A COA commonly contains the testing results performed as part of the quality control process. Our products are tested at different stages of the growing and manufacturing process to ensure safety and quality.

Potency shows the cannabinoid profile of all the cannabinoids found in the product. That includes the major and minor cannabinoids, such as THC, CBD, CBC, CBG. If it is a CBD hemp-based product, the amount of THC should be 0.3% or below.

Terpenes are a group of substances that give plants their various scents. Terpenes are an evolutionary tool to attract pollinators and deter predators. Cannabis has unique terpenes and distinct aromas as well. Terpenes and cannabinoids come from the same glands on the cannabis plant (the trichomes). Terpenes have aromas while cannabinoids have no scent. Terpenes are also responsible for some of the various therapeutic properties of cannabis.

Microbial Testing ensures that your product is not contaminated with harmful microorganisms such as salmonella, mold, yeast, or other biological contaminants.

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