Our dogs can be our closest companions.  They, too, may experience daily stresses or occasional aches and pains. Dogs also have an endocannabinoid system. Our full spectrum CBD extract uses all parts of the whole hemp plant as seen in nature, which allows the ECS to benefit at its highest. This 10mg/ml canine tincture makes measuring easy, as 2 drops equals 1mg CBD.  It may be helpful for:


  • thunder and lightning storms
  • car or plane rides
  • vet visits
  • training class
  • occasional stiffness or soreness
  • maintaining a normal inflammatory response
  • supporting joint flexibilty and mobility
  • healthy digestion
  • supporting immune system

Canine Tincture 10mg

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  • 10mg CBD per ml

    • 30ml bottle size
      • 300mg total CBD

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