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“For years my little doggie, an 11-year-old Elkhound/Sheltie named Bazil, has had stress during thunderstorms. She has now been on Hempward CBD extract for three months, and it’s like she has forgotten about her fears.

She also has stiffness in her front leg from all her years running around the farm and walks with a limp. Once she started daily doses of Hempward CBD, her limp seems to improve.

While Bazil hasn’t been on CBD for very long, I’m excited to see how a long-term treatment of Hempward CBD will continue to improve her well-being.”

Russ and Bazil 

Longmont, CO


"Last Fall my mare cut her leg badly on some wire.  She was so lame she couldn't put her toe down. I called Jana and she set me up with their equine CBD Oil. Following her dosing recommendations, my mare did a complete turn around in one day! After that I started her on the CBD cookies twice a day then to 1 a day. I experimented and took her off of them for a month and noticed her moodiness (mare issues) again. I hadn't realized they were gone I because I was focused on her injury. Now, if I keep her on the cookies once a day she seems less moody. When she cycles I give  her two a day and they really help. I am sold on Hempward products!

Chris Stanko

Horse Trainer and Working Equitation Ambassador


“I love the Hempward CBD Extract. I like the flavor and the taste of it. Also, I think it helps me to be more content, calm and just overall happier and sunnier. I feel liked it’s harder to upset me now. I’m just mellow. Also with CBD I feel like I am more patient, and even a better wife!!”

Sally O'Dwyer, Dressage Rider

“Hempward’s CBD oil is the first CBD oil that actually worked for me!  I was very skeptical to try another CBD product.  None had made a difference in my symptoms and seemed a waste of money.  With Hempward’s CBD, I am able to ease joint pain and sleep through the night.  Thank you for a fantastic product!"

Dr. Julie Artigliere

My daughter recently gave me a container of the CBD Muscle Cream and I am so glad she did!  I woke up a few nights ago with terrible pain in my middle finger.  I realized in the morning it was swollen and I could barely move it.  I’m not sure if I jammed the finger or if it’s arthritis but I took Advil all day which was no help for the pain or swelling.  Then I remember the CBD cream.  I applied it about three times the next day and by the end of the day I had tremendous relief!  The next day it barely hurt and today it is even better!!  Thank you Hempward Farms!  I am a believer!


Lynn Deer, Oviedo FL

arthritic hands.jpg

I have used the peppermint tincture, original tincture and the softgels, and all of these products are awesome. I suffer from frequent headaches, and I noticed the tinctures began to soothe my headache within 20 minutes of me using them, and the softgels took about an hour. The relief lasted for about 6 hours. I highly recommend using Hempward products if you suffer from headaches or any other kind of head or muscle pain.

Rachel Becker, New York NY


“I am obsessed with the two droppers you guys sent…!  I’ve been using CBD for a while for my headaches and stress but this is the best I’ve ever used. I love the peppermint for me and the plain hemp one for my dog, Lola.  Thank you guys so much!”

Maddie and Lola Falloon, Denver CO

"For the past 5 years, I've tried all sorts of prescription medications to help my cat, Janet, with her focal seizures. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I've been able to taper her off of all meds, now that we've started giving her Hempward Farms' CBD tincture, and she's been symptom-free or over a month! She also seems overall happier and less anxious. I'm so happy to have our playful and cuddly kitty back!"


Emily M., Longmont Colorado

"I have been using CBD for years, making some of my own infused oils for me and my animals.  Hempward Farms has the best product I have found.  I use it to keep my body in balance and to ease inflammation.  I recently had a bad tooth ache and it helped me through that and win a horse show at the same time.  Some of the CBD would make me tired but Hempward Farms’ product is great during the day for high functioning people!  It is great to know the product is organic and grown with such good care.

     Hempward CBD has been very beneficial in supporting all my animals instead of other means which would damage the animals’ gut health. They have great instructions for dosing your animals.”

JanieJill Tointon,

Lifelong Horsewoman and Breeder of World Champion Cowhorses,

Owner of Diamond Double T Ranch


This product was high quality and extremely effective. After a painful and invasive surgery Hempward tinctures brought the soothing relief and relaxation I was longing for. I'm so thankful for the rest I was able to find due to the strength and fast-acting properties of the hemp. I would recommend this product to my friends and family without question.


Bryce G.


“I have a rescue dog with significant stress and is very sensitive to touch. With a drop of Hempward’s CBD oil, he becomes calm for vet and grooming appointments and he is able to sleep successfully through the night. I also used it to improve discomfort after he injured his leg. After giving him a few applications of one drop, he no longer whimpered in pain, which was a relief to him, but also to me!”

Julie and Enzo Cavalier, Lafayette, CO

I had suffered from RA and auto immune inflammation, deep bone aches, pain, and insomnia. Now I sleep through the night, pain has diminished and swelling is gone. This product has truly improved my life. Mint flavor is fresh and lovely. Both my discomfort and stress have been relieved because of Hempward Farms products. Best CBD products on earth!
Thank you Hempward Farms.

Linda Schultz