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Woman leading horse at sunset

Hempward Farms


Our Hempward Farms story began with my horse, Jack. After Jack had surgery to his stifle, he was required to undergo 10 weeks of stall rest, during which we could begin 10-minute hand walks. Given that Jack is a large warmblood, this task began as potentially dangerous, as it’s impossible to explain to an animal that he must remain calm on the end of a lead rope. In reality, Jack was a bomb ready to explode and it was quite unnerving to hand walk him. My vet prescribed an IV sedative. Rather than administer this daily tranquilizer, my trainer suggested I try CBD. The very first use worked like a charm! Jack became quiet to walk, and we were able to successfully begin his long healing process.

Next we discovered the profound effect CBD had on our dog, who has severe stress from thunderstorms. After giving Jonas 1/3 dropper of CBD oil under his lip, he went from a panting mess to quietly lying beside me. It had the exact same effect on our daughter’s dog, Bella. We quickly knew we were onto something amazing! Jonas also suffers from a noticeable limp most days. Now that we give him daily CBD, his limp is practically gone.

The next step was to try it ourselves. To no one’s surprise, we all felt a positive impact, starting with pain relief in Tom’s post-surgical elbow. Our daughter, after taking a sleep aid for years, decided to take a holistic approach and discovered that Hempward CBD does the job even better. In her words, our CBD “quiets her mind,” allowing for more restful sleep.

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Already hay farmers, we were researching new crops that can enhance the earth and support sustainable farming.  We decided to dive in and start growing hemp. We began formulating CBD products ourselves, and take pride in crafting our products from soil to shelf. We are now excited to share our CBD with family and friends!

We thrive in a family-run atmosphere, and hope to hear feedback from you, our customers, about how Hempward Farms products are helping you and your animals. Welcome to the Hempward Family!

Jana and Tom Ward


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