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Nemo's Story

Nemo is our barn cat. He was gifted to my oldest son ten years ago. Nemo is very much loved. Last summer, he unexpectedly lost a lot of weight over a very short time. He went from a muscular 15 pounds to 9 pounds in a

matter of weeks. His coat became dirty and matted. He wouldn’t eat, not for many days. Our vet did lab tests, and nothing turned up. He had me deworm Nemo, and gave him antibiotics in case something was missed. Nemo continued not eating and became so emaciated we could feel his organs through his skin. I was certain he would soon disappear to die.

I asked the vet about CBD, and he gave me the okay to try it. I gave Nemo two drops under his lip twice daily (not an easy feat). Within two days, he started to eat again. He ate voraciously, and continued to do so for the next two months!

Nemo returned to his beautiful fluffy shiny self, and regained the muscle he lost. We and our vet couldn't believe it! Nemo made a full recovery, and to this day we have no idea what caused his illness. What we do know is that the one variable which sparked his recovery was the addition of CBD. This is Nemo's story.

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