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For the extra large dog, this Canine CBD Tincture has the highest concentration at 50mg/ml oil. Packaged in a 2oz. bottle, it totals 3000mg of full spectrum CBD Oil. This includes all the naturally occurring terpenes and flavonoids, along with additional minor cannabinoids which provide a more beneficial effect. Dosing can easily be adjusted, based on the level the dropper is filled. 


CBD may be helpful for:


  • car rides
  • vet or grooming visits
  • thunder or lightning storms
  • chronic soreness or stiffness
  • joint mobility
  • gut health
  • strong immune system
  • good skin health
  • separation anxiety

XL Dog CBD Oil Tincture 3000mg

  • 50mg CBD per ml:

    • 60mg bottle size
    • 3000mg total CBD
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