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Jonas' Story

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Thirteen years ago, I took our youngest son to choose a dog to adopt from our local Humane Society. They had just received a “Black Dog” delivery. When I asked what that meant, it was explained that black dogs (and cats) are considered less adoptable, so they are clumped into shipments from other shelters and sent to places where they would have a better chance. Of course…now WE wanted a black dog! My son, Max, selected one out of four, each of whom had some form of mange, fleas, and were undernourished. He is perfect, we thought, and his name was Jonas.

On our drive home, which was only ten minutes away, Jonas started foaming at the mouth and vomiting. My husband said, “Take him back! We can’t have a dog who gets car sick!” But no, Jonas was already ours and we loved him. The vet told us, “99.9 percent of dogs outgrow carsickness by the age of 1.” Ours didn’t. Jonas continued to salivate and vomit every single time he rode in the car. This went on for ten years. Whenever we traveled, Jonas required medication which made him sleep.

Jonas also has “stress-induced dandruff.” We discovered that while in puppy class, and I asked the trainer, “What’s wrong with him? What’s this white stuff all over his back?” The trainer explained that some dogs have this reaction when under severe stress, which, for Jonas, included basic puppy classes. Whenever a situation is tough, like another dog visiting, going to the vet, thunderstorms, and more, Jonas begins to salivate, and soon his black fur looks like he was snowed on.

We realized that Jonas “is a lucky dog,” because we live on a farm and he can roam freely and have no worries. We found a vet who will come to our house so Jonas doesn’t tremble and vomit every time he needs to go out. We got our anxious dog covered.

Then…we discovered CBD for dogs. This was a game changer! Jonas takes a dropperful twice a day, and his life is changed. He is able to ride in the car without vomiting! He can handle a visiting dog without breaking out into dandruff! He doesn’t cower in the basement during thunderstorms! Jonas can live his last years in a calm space. CBD has made his senior days more balanced and, simply, better.

This is Jonas’ story.

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